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28.12.2016 - deadline of delivering all studio works (revised ones) in a folder (till 17:00)

02.01.2017 - deadline of delivering a poster of studio works in a CD (between 15:00 - 17:00)

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the file names of each classwork should be:



Gülsu Ulukavak Harputlugil

Selçuk Uysal

Level: Undergraduate
Course Content:

As part of three semester course, this course concentrates on building systems and parts of the buildings. In the meanwhile, it continues to consider main elements of buildings, such as Ceiling Systems, Cladding & Wood Veneering, Structural Glazing systems, Curtain Wall Systems. Also, internal, external finishes and materials as coverings of building systems will be considered.

Likewise its first and second semester companion, this course reserves considerable time to practice. So, each class compromises drafting and sketching architectural details covered in theoretical part of the course.

–Read more about "Modular Coordination"
–1) The Principles of Modular Coordination in Building, CIB Report, 1984
–2) Modular Coordination Guide, Building and Construction Authority, Singapore, 2000. (Chapter 3)

Study details about "Antropometry"


Read more about "Accessibility":

Accessibility for the disabled: A design manual for the barrier free environment,  P. H.O.S. publication, Belgium, pp. 38-49.